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[SL to @ACrownedStag: ~Reliving Ghosts~]

Posted by @CassieEstermont over a year ago

"What is happening, Steffon?" Her voice echoed through the deck. Signs of a sea storm were obvious to many men, but she would not give in. From that spot, she could see two male figures at the shore. Robert and Stannis were waiting for them. But Steffon's voice gave no hope. "We failed, Cass. And I am sorry for it." His voice was like a thunder, and that tall, dark man with sweet, hazel eyes was never one to give in. To see him scared and prepared to fight was unexpected to say the least. Panic choked against the throat, but the woman refused to surrender to the tears. "No. We can save ourselves..." The sea would have none of it. Steffon would only give his wife one last loving, apologetic glance before the violent wave tossed him away. What happened was too fast to predict the moves, to avoid the tragedy the Gods planned to. Cassana too was tossed by the waves, but onto the opposite direction of her husband. She hit hard against the wood, the wave going straight against her face. The ship began to sink, and the sea, to swallow the dead. However, as the Greyjoys would claim, what is dead may never die. Cassana's body was attached to the ship no more, though remained trapped into the violent waves for very long time. A small island, of name unknown, had, however, men who witnessed the sad event and hoped to interfere somehow; amongst these men, though, a spy to Varys could be found. His name? Unsure to be said with precision by records, but those who know him call him Ilys. Ilys was the first to spot the unconscious body of lady Cassana and hoped that at least her she could save. But... would he? Varys, naturally, soon heard of it. Behind the scenes, whilst Westeros grieved for the loss of the powerful and loyal Baratheons, he worked to inquire the truth about what happened. And he worked harder to ensure lady Cassana to be saved, placing her in good conditions where he prayed she'd awake. And for years, as the events happened and the past was left forgotten, people moved on with their lives. Somewhere in Westeros, however, one person did not. Lady Cassana awakes after fifteen years sleeping. She remembers almost nothing, except the three names she continuously repeats: --Robert. Stannis. Renly. Or one that specifically makes her weep at night. --Steffon. She has nightmares with his voice and the sounds of the sea scare her still. But why? She cannot remember. The glory she lived before the rebellion of her sons is a distant memory. Names are all she has. And when Varys visits her, little by little she restaures her sanity too. She learns how to live again by slowly being introduced to the precious things and habits she used to adore. But even Varys knows she cannot be kept away from court for too long. Cassana starts inquiring about her children and husband. Eventually she is told of the tragedy and those who surround her, fear for her. She is almost giving in to insanity, to sadness, to the darkness that broke her again. But it's Varys who remembers her to whom she must live for. "Be strong. You are a Baratheon by marriage, a Estermont by blood. Remember who you are. Life is made of losses, but death, ah death is but a story to frighten the living. You have one left son, madame. If the Gods had spared you, I'd guess there's this reason to begin again." Begin again. Yes. For Renly. For all of them, for the boys she had lost. She slowly remembers of who she once was, the beauty and strenghten of the court, admired and respected by all. The embodiment of "Ours is the fury", the Baratheon's motto. No more time for sadness. No more time for darkness. Though every night, she would still weep, this lady finally learned to rise. And that is when our story begins. When lady Cassana is introduced to court again... and the excitement that escapes her voice when the youth male figure with handsome hazel eyes and dark hair, wearing a gold crown, is entering court: "Renly!" His name echoes through the walls before reaching his ears and having his attention. Would she remember fiercely of the family they once were? After all, she still holds onto words given to her, when memories were nothing but flashbacks... read more

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