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About White RABBITS from Master Rao website

Posted by @WriterMaven over a year ago

Chinese WHITE RABBIT EQUATES TO Vietnamese WHITE CATS. No really. Seriously Now to continue Since he shows a keen interest in some philosophical and metaphysical problems, people may have the mistaken belief that the Metal Cat lacks practical sense. In fact, his research has nothing to do with pure speculations � he conducts it from a practical point of view. If he concerns himself with questions related to our life in this world and the great Beyond, it is because he is ever in quest of ways to win victory over death and all the terrifying mysteries following it. It is in the same vein that medicine under all forms fascinates him to the highest degree. There is, however, no denying that he has a gift for the occult, with the ability to perceive things of which the average person is completely unaware. Rashness and impulsiveness are never a part of this Cat's character. Very sensitive to failure, he only acts after mature reflection, when he is convinced that he has the best chances of success. While his extreme cautiousness sometimes saves him trouble, it often makes him miss good occasions. How to strike a workable balance is a problem he will have to solve. He has a profoundly pessimistic view of human nature. Convinced that people are incapable of moral progress, he does not expect much of them. But despite his conspicuous misanthropy, his loyalty toward his family and friends is exemplary; he defends them with courage and devotion. However, Hell hath no fury like a Metal Cat betrayed � his feelings of rancor against his traitors would long survive him! read more

BITHIAH-BASIA Grokking בִּתְיָה
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