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#Autistic Woman Speaking

Posted by @SpeaksAspergian over a year ago

I am a "late-dx", "autistic", "multi-axial-diagnosed" woman and elder of the #AspergerSyndrome tribe, and frankly, I hope to be a Kierkegaard to the bourgeois in the field. I see the calls for us, the older women, to be speaking, us, the #ActuallyAutistic. So I am here, trying to send out a wave of thinking, a pebble into the great world pond. We genuinely need a revolution. Where is the hashtag for #intellectual_autistic_woman? Or how about, #applied_functional_autism, because we can contribute and we can work, and get along with other people? Please do not ever suggest to me that I have a deficiency, until you look at the possibility of your own. Do not put me on display, do not assume that I do not understand, or cannot speak for myself. Perhaps I speak in a language that you do not understand. How does this, your deficiency, make it mine? People used to say to me, "YOU can't write like THAT!". Yup, not me, not the quiet, shy girl who secretly read a dictionary with pictures, the one who would only wear blue or brown. When my mother pointed out that particular wardrobe malfunction, when I was a teenager, I had not previously realized that I had a limitation (in color selection). I dutifully followed her good intentions, and began to branch out to wearing greens and yellows. But absolutely no reds for a decade longer. Did I have to? For fashion? For society? So that I can fit in? I really would rather be my difference, and for that, I speak for me. My short version of my Hypothesis on #Autism is this: We who are autistic are the canaries in the coal mine of our "environmental society". What do I mean by that? Our "autistic" responses, in our development and to our experiences of the external world, both physically and socially, are ones that express #toxins, #chemicals and #sensory_stimuli in excess of what is normal for human beings, as mammals on this planet, literally in need of our natural habitat. Go be in it, the earth's nature, and think about this hypothesis again. Where do you feel better? We are #mammalian. We need our #ecosytem. Many researchers in the field of autism are looking for genetic causes; indeed, I will have much to say on the genetics in another post. There have certainly been genetic differences found, and the quantitative genetic architecture must be understood. But I believe it is self-deceptive to think that there will be a full drug cure. I think the cure will be in curing our #environment. @HIppocratesNow Thank you again for your morning post: "Sanity often requires poor etiquette", and to all who RT'd or Fav'd: you are an inspiration.

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