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Tweeting Longer!

Posted by @tweetinglonger over a year ago

#tweetlonger & break the #twitter 140 character limit! Why limit yourself to 140 characters when you feel the need to express yourself? At Tweet Longer we empower you so you can deliver your content in as many words as you feel you need to use, yet still enable you to get your content across to your Twitter audience at the same time! Tweet Longer is the free service that allows you to blog and post what is on your mind at the time, whether it's a long tweet, or a large blog entry. Once done it can auto post it to your twitter feed for you.

Posted by @Lazysod over a year ago

@marcusplugged Sorry but I got to argue to the contrary there. My #googleplus stream is generally so busy I struggle keeping up with it, I think its only ever as good as both the people you circle and the amount you contribute. I know i interact with other poster posting comments and advice (when asked) and basically only trying to post in a positive way. I find that generally elicits a positive result. I know for a fact I can really only need to check my facebook once every 2 days really, as the interactivity is just so stifled, but I would also never turn to anyone and say FB is dead. I find it genuinely astonishing when people say #GooglePlus is a a ghost town.

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