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To all the Haters and Trolls Bashing #Bikers4Trump this will chap your asses!

Posted by @BikersForTrump over a year ago

To all the Haters & Trolls Spreading Lies about #Bikers4Trump & www.Bikers4Trump.com on Facebook & Twitter that are too lazy or wrapped up in your own B.S. to take the time to read the "About Us" Section of our Website we copied and pasted it here. We were here first and w are not going anywhere and no we will not pay certain idiots to stop with their extortionist blogs, posts and even email threats. We will let the FBI and the Secret Service deal with your dumb asses Jason, David and Glenn! Yes we know who you are and where you are and so do the ones that can stop you. For everyone else please read the following and come to your own conclusion if you choose to join us or side with an unemployed meth head in Michigan, An unemployed 50 something loser that lives with his mother in Florida that stalks Taylor Swift & baits teenagers on Twitter to follow him with gifts or a washed up half ass wannabee musician hiding from criminal prosecution on the Lam in Chatham Ontario Canada! Please Read and Share... Breaking4Trump/Bikers4Trump/BreakingObama is a grass roots organization that began just before Obama's 2nd term election. Our Breaking Obama Facebook page started out as a part-time hobby of sort but quickly turned into a full-time cause because of the overwhelming interest, rapid growth and tremendous success! Our Breaking Obama (President's Enemy List) membership cards became an instant hit among like-minded patriots and continue to be in high demand. Thousands of these cards have been sold since early 2012! That's how we became PayPal Verified and continue to maintain an excellent rating with them. We like to say it's really NOT about the card but about the membership and solidarity and becoming a "Card Carrying Member" of the Breaking Obama movement shows that you are... "FED UP AND NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT" Send us your photo holding your card if you like and we will post it up on Facebook. Your picture may be seen by potentially millions of people world-wide! This alone represents your courage and resolve as to where you stand politically and we are proud to have you patriots with us! We have always wanted everyone to understand that, although we are very serious and passionate about our political views, these cards are intended strictly as a novelty and have no official purpose other than acting as a conversation piece to stimulate political thought and dialog among like-minded patriots. The title of the card "Presidents Enemy List" for the purposes of this card and our movement simply means, is defined as, and refers to "All Patriots that Oppose the Obama Administration's Progressive/Socialistic Agenda." Nothing more! We do, however, recognize these cards as your personal membership to our Breaking Obama club. Also understand that the Breaking Obama staff and everyone associated with this movement respects the Office of the Presidency. We do NOT hate our Government or our President. We love our country as patriots but find ourselves in extreme disagreement with this Administration's agenda and overall direction they are taking our beloved country. Now our Trump Card is the hot ticket! We stand behind Donald Trump and our goal is to raise pro-Trump public awareness throughout social media. Our Breaking Obama pages (anti-Obama) have now converted to pro-Trump pages and we are passionate about getting Mr. Trump all the way to the White House! All donations and proceeds from merchandise sales will be used at our discretion in furthering our support of creating public awareness for Donald J. Trump. With over 400,000 fans and followers between our combined Facebook and Twitter pages, we have a lot of patriots paying attention to what we post and we CAN make a difference. There is power and influence in generating these kind of numbers! Creating massive pro-Trump public awareness is our mission! We are NOT a non-profit organization and we are NOT associated with the Trump Organization. We are also NOT affiliated with the organization called Bikers For Trump 2016 as some detractors have blamed us for claiming. This claim has NEVER been made by anyone affiliated with our organization. You don't operate for 4+ years, create over 313,000 truly organic Facebook fans, sell and give away thousands of merchandise items and continue to be PayPal Verified by operating unethically! We are, however open to working in concert with other pro-Trump organizations so if you're involved with one please don't hesitate to contact us with ideas. We only have a short window of time to do all we can to get Mr. Trump elected. Together our voices can be heard! Silence is consent! Come get LOUD with us! This is still America and if we don't defend our Constitution now, it may be too weak to defend us as we move forward! We will ALWAYS stand in defiance of tyranny! We love this great country and simply want our voices to be heard, as our Constitutional rights provide. God bless all Americans and the USA!

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