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Posted by @lostcause4evah over a year ago

Let me get something clear. I don't have an image. I'm labeled. I'm adopted. I'm not wanted. I was passed off because I wasn't wanted. There are things today where people tell me to my face they don't want me. That's why I wanna sit here and tell you why I'm not sitting on my hands. Nobody deserves to feel unwanted,sad,alone or empty. I've been screamed at in my face,slapped, and made anti social due to me not being able to figure out how to re integrate myself. People don't understand why I wanna talk to people a lot. I don't want to make anyone feel like I have before. Where shot was one sided. Where you felt like the world would crush you if you dared breath and let it get to you. I can't let things get to me I can't afford to me upset...I refuse to allow myself to be loved by someone...or needed or wanted. Because for 8 years I've had nothing but pain and anger and frustration follow me. I've become a bitter person inside towards people I live with and some of my friends. My attitude has insanely changed. I hate people so much today and when I get close I'm so afraid that other people will destroy it and when I know it's coming down? I want revenge....on people who hurt me. Somewhere inside me looks at that label and says...this had to be right because society labeled me this way,people. Everyone. I HATE things I love and to many people I'm a fucking waste....I don't know about anyone else...but that scumbag feeling nobody deserves. And I'm tired of trying to talk about my feelings and I'm overreacting or instead of sitting and fucking talking to me they assume...Im just tired of it. ALL of it. I know that people WON'T miss me. People DON'T need me.It doesn't bother me...Somewhere deep down I know if I can make them happy and then comfortable and a bit stress free? It makes me happier knowing people with big faces and are big are living better. Just knowing that...Makes me content knowing I can do...something read more

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