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@gotghosts2 posted on Tue Aug 16, over a year ago

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I can not believe how many MJ imposters there really are out there. I think it is a testimony as to how loved the man is and how much he has touched so many lives. But I also believe that there are people out there taking advantage of females, which isn't right, but also on the other hand it gives MJ great cover so the bad guys can't find him. Now on the subject of AJ Farshchian, Jack Crooner = Michael Jackson , how can you tell them apart they are exactly alike, so, are they one and the same or actually two separate people, or is it a front to confuse us all like the MJDH is... The more I search for clues in all this , the more I am confused about the whole mess.
All of this just proves how mysterious the illusive Michael Jackson really is. In which I don't blame him after all he has been put through and missed out on in life. I know with all my heart is indeed alive, and says he is coming back. but if he is coming back as a different identity will people accept him, will they even really know it is him. Yes Jack Crooner has some of his personality traits and movements, but the singing, is in no way Michael...I mean would he really change that much, and the accent Jack has, not to say MJ couldn't do it because he did a great one in the "Living with Michael interview " ? There are so many what if's and i don't know's in all this. I just know July 07, 2017 it will all be made clear what is really going on and what happened to MJJ, until then I guess all we can do is keep guesstimating about what happened and keep following the clues he leaves us and wait, till and if he is ever ready to shine some light on what is going on. Have fun clue hunting, be sure to pay close attention to everything in the clues because everything he leaves in them means something important to him. God bless you all and love you all.
July 16, 2016 Written by Darlene Reynolds A Believer in MJJ