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@WolfWarriorFate posted on Wed Jan 17, over a year ago

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Sebastian Verlac is an English Shadowhunter from the London Institute.[1] He is a charming, brilliant, and highly-educated Shadowhunter with unrivaled fighting abilities who finds his way to the New York Institute after befriending someone from the city.[2]

Behind the scenes
◾ This version of Sebastian will only appear on Freeform's Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. He will be portrayed by recurring guest star Will Tudor.[1][2]
◾ He will debut on the first episode back after the Season Two break (11th episode of the season). He will be first introduced in reference to a character already known on the show,[3] and will head to the Institute after befriending one of the main characters.[2]
◾ Differences from the novel:[1] ◾ Sebastian Verlac will be from London Institute, while his book counterpart was from Paris.
◾ The character will have a British accent.
◾ The writers put their own spin on the character.

◾ Behind the scenes, the writers refer to him as "Bass