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@UndeadArc posted on Tue Jan 17, over a year ago

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Jaune stood on the rooftop of an old abandonded building in the ruins of Vale. A city which was once so peaceful and welcoming. Also home to the academy he had attended before his death, Beacon Academy. Those were the most memorable days of his entire life, even though he cheated to get into it. But like many good things, it all comes to an end. The day the White Fang invaded the city, releasing Grimm to the population. The thought it alone was just unbearable. But there was more to it. He had lost his best friend, a loved one. Before he could even think of her name and the rest of events he partook in after the whole tragedy, he had spotted a group of White Fang soldiers, there was about six of them. It had been a whole since Jaune had done any feeding, he had already killed or drove off the average scum. But he was now a target of the White Fang, he had killed so many know that they saw him as a deadly threat. But no matter how many there was, Jaune would kill them all. The thought of murdering them ran through his mind as he leaped off the building and fell to their level. Jaune would land, the concreate beneath him would break apart at his landing. The soldiers then turned to him, weapons raised and ready to fire.

"There he is! Open fire!"

A soldier yelled out before they began to shoot him. They shot him as if he were a whole crowd of people, not letting their fingers off of the trigger. Jaune sighed, he doesn't know why they bothered to even shoot him. It has never worked before. Why would it work now? But either way, he didn't care, they were all going to be dead here soon. The sounds of empty weapons clicking soon filled the air around them. The soliders all looked at their guns, then to Jaune, wanting to make sure that they did the job. But like every other time, it failed. Sure, Jaune was a bloody mess, filled with bullet holes and dripping blood from essentially every part of his body. Every last wound of Jaune's began to heal, all the bullet holes were now closing before their eyes. And their eyes were wide open and filled with fear. After he was done healing, he shook his head, disappointed.

"Animals never learn."

Suddenly in the blink of an eye, Jaune stood right before one of the soldiers. The soldier was instanly startled by how fast he had come into his presence. But there was no time for him to react, Jaune already had his hand through his left lung, which he then pushed through until his hand was sticking out of the soldiers back. Jaune let it sit there, he wanted to hear that soldier scream in agony as Jaune impaled his chest, and he was indeed screaming. While all of this was happening, the soliders reloading their weapons, it seemed to take them forever, their hands were shaking like earthquakes due to the amount of fear that was built up inside them. As soon as their weapons were ready to fire, they were firing, sparing no time at all. Jaune moved his arm to position the solider that was now hanging from his him between him and the barrage of bullets coming at him. Jaune then pulled his hand out the now dead soldier, but before it could fall to the ground, he opened his other palm and lunged it at the dead soldier. This would send the soldier flying towards another one of them. The dead body collided with another soldier, casuing him to be send a good twenty feet before gravity knocked him down to the ground. A red and black aura then was released from his back, this was his dark vampire essence. He had learned to control this after evolving into a stronger form of vampire after feeding from so many. The soldiers were looking back, seeing as how one of their own was sent flying by having a dead body tossed at him. This would be a vital mistake. Three of them that stood next to each other would have Jaune's aura projection slicing at their diaphragm. Causing the anywhere above that region to come clean off. Just as the fourth one would turn his head to see the horror that is their squad being torn apart. An aura projection would be lunged directly through his heart. He would stand there for a moment, blood began to drip from his mouth. Jaune would then release him, and the solider would fall dead to the ground. Now there was only one left, and this solider was just getting up after having a dead body tossed at him. When he looked to where his squad was, he was in shock. It was a bloody mess, his fellow soldiers were bloody and torn apart. But Jaune wasn't there? Where the hell was he!? The soldier looked around frantically for the vampire. But Jaune was right behind him. Jaune then stuck all four of his fangs into the soldiers left side of his neck, he was now feeding off the soldier. The soldier would scream bloody murder for what seemed to be thirty seconds, then he became drowsy. His life was leaving him, and his sight would soon fade of black. After the soldier was drained, Jaune would release him. Jaune would have began to feed from what was left of the other soldiers, but he noticed that the sun was rising, more time had passed than he had kept track of. Jaune would retreat to the shadows, which was his domain, and now home.

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