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@Mister_Eli posted on Wed May 17, over a year ago

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My thoughts are contrasting to say the very least, on a gloriously hot but, Spring Sunshine day. Today is my Birthday (22.5 x2)! I've been celebrating & reflecting my new age. I'm very, very fortunate to be the 45. I'm getting old! I'll so my utmost to do some more for the remainder of the week!

To all the good & great people who have followed me. Especially those who have friended me & interacted with me during the years that i've been on Twitter. My social status & situation has not changed. I hope that you are doing good in your lives & your loved ones.

Deepest sympathies with empathies to all the families & friends to the victims of the tragic, sickening & Manchester bombing on latw Monday evening. Plus to all victims of inhuman atrocities across the world!!

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