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@sunnypeony posted on Sun Nov 17, over a year ago

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2017.11.24【Rain’s V LIVE translation (excerpt)】

Auto English translation from: yoyoluvrain@Twitter’s Japanese translation

It is not all contents, but I will post a translation of the range that you can hear
It was a talk that felt enthusiasm for this album activity
There was a message to Kurumu 10th term ^ ^

I am thinking to introduce about the song "I will part with you today" and I am doing a V-Live

I really made an effort to make this album
I have been a fan of Urban Zakapa so far
Especially I liked Cho Hyo-na's voice and song style very much
So, I wanted to collaborate from a long time ago
There was a good opportunity this time, I was able to make songs together
The song "Let's break up today", in fact, was composed by Cho Hyyo
I did the lyrics together, but since there was a draft of Cho Hyyo
Whether good lyrics are born to each other ...
Most of the lyrics were written by Mr. Cho Hyun
I was left to me on various motifs
The contents of the main lyrics are
Lovers are always fighting for the same reason
To argue with the same to break up
Tired of repeating everyday, reasons of fighting repeated every day, argument
I can not break up despite saying goodbye
But, despairfully, I give up on that person
It is such a story of love

This album is a mini album
I put about 5 songs so carefully
Actually, there are about five more songs, but I think that I can release it someday
Maybe a second, maybe next year, the year after next? I think that I can deliver a cool full album

Anyway 5 songs included
The first song is a duet with Cho Hyuna's "Today's Farewell"
The second song is a song called "다시 (Tashi)" (again)
"다시" is a ballad song
This song was written by my songwriter in collaboration with Mr. Tewang
For the most part I have composed songwriting
Especially I think that it is a good song for men to sing at karaoke
"Sunshine" is a fun dance song of reggae style
I think you know who came to the comeback show
It is a song that sings while dancing happily
Somewhat similar to the atmosphere of "Goodbye instead" or "I do"
It is a reggae beat song like South American song
The next song "입 에 달아 (イ ェ タara)" (sweet to the mouth) is the song that I remade and sang
Actually, there is a song called Mr. Tewan's "입 에 달 아"
I like that song very much, I thought that I will sing this song a bit in my version once, songs remade and sung
And the song "깡 (Kan)" (gut) is the title song
Song name is "깡"
What I felt on the stage in 16 years
And I got my life ...
It's not that heavy feeling
It is a song that expresses it very lightly
I think that you can feel that it is not music of the past so far when you listen
I think that the style of this album is quite different from the songs that you've heard before
Because if the performance style of the previous Pi's music was on stage
This time Pi's Mini Album is a song that you can enjoy listening to "Pi"
I think that you will like it
The song "깡" is an intense hip-hop song
I tried hard on my lap.
To those who missed the stage on the stage after all
On the stage, "Ah ~ after all dancing like that dancing was a piece"
I think you can
It is a song that can enjoy performance on the stage

I carefully come back for this album
I prepared all my songs with full power
I think that you would like it if you listen to it

There are also plans for broadcasting activities

I think that on December 1, maybe I will officially come back with a singing song program
As you all know on December 2nd, there is collaboration with everyone of "The Unit"
Speaking of "why do you have to show the stage to juniors?"
I hope you think that it shows you a model as a mentor
"The stage is like this,"
I think that it will be the stage that Mentor can show
I will introduce my song there as well
A comeback show is waiting on December 3
KBS at 10:40? It is not definite yet
Sunday, everyone, at home comfortably,
I think that it will be a time to listen to the songs I made for you and the songs when I debuted at once.
"Packaged around the world" also comes out, "Weekly Idle" also recorded
Actually, I am not an idle already (laugh) for the first time
Please stay tuned!
From December 1st, I will also work in music bank, entertainment street relay, and various other broadcasting stations

Oh, everyone!
I have not done fan meeting for a long time
I think that the day will come for you to open a fan meeting soon for you
Maybe I will convene the 10th year Kuroum fan club again at the end of the year or New Year's holidays!
There are a lot of preparations so far
Albums, movies ...
The movie is going to be released next year

Although it is a question as to when Korean performances are held
I will do Korean performances someday
If you have any request ...

Is this album a courtesy to all of us ...
I used to film dramas and movies
I thought that it might have been unsatisfactory to the singer Pi.
What is it that I want to meet you ...
I asked a lot of questions to fans
After all, "I want to see the intense pies on the stage!"
Like It's raining and I'm coming ...
So this album is for everyone
Because I am also old, in the position to take old with everyone
Apart from good or bad grades ...
I always feel a sense of burden
Even if I put out an album, the rankings are not good
I do not need to dare to act
I am sorry if I tried hard but did not go well ...
But, that was wrong with my idea
Regardless of such grades, what I can do
I thought it was my last responsibility to show you a good stage
I think that this album also has good grades
I do not want to release with a desire for music performance that you want to applaud yourself
I think that I want you to see a lot of songs and theater that I made harder than that
That is my hope

Actually, I am not old enough to be ranked in music at my age, do not you?

From such a thing, it becomes a role model of our juniors
Juniors can set a way forward
It is my desire to be such a senior

This time, I have done my best with activities
I would like to work hard until the end
To you, Jihuni, Pi made a good song
If you think that you are making nervous by using each stage
I am satisfied with this album

비 RAIN - 오늘 헤어져 Goodbye (feat. 조자아 of Urban Zakapa) Official M / V

Let's finish.
Let's break up with us
I'm fed up
fed up
Like this

I say that all my friends break up.
Where in this is love
Let's break away already

Every day the same argument every day the same argument
I understand that you are exhausted too
Today we also know that we can not break up

Oh, I know.
I was really tired.
My heart is
But, it is, but tears come out
What is time?
Your appearance has changed from the past
All my fault
Let's finish.
Let's break up, we

Every day the same argument every day the same argument
I understand that you are exhausted too
Today we also know that we can not break up

Let's finish.
Let's break up with us
I'm fed up
fed up
Fed up
Let's free it
To say that it is love without love
You know it all
Let us join you today.
___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

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[출처] 【V LIVE translation (excerpt)】 2017.11.24 "Take a break today" talk "| 작성자 luvluvrain

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