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@YisroelKatz posted on Tue Apr 18, 285 days ago

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Rabbi Hiyya (Chiya) bar Abin (Avin) says Rabbi Joshua (Yehoshua) ben Korha (Korchah) says - One should always perForm a good deed 3 as early as possible For as a reward for The one nighT by which she 4 anTicipaTed the younger 5 The elder 5 gained The privilege of royal sTaTus [in Israel] 6 Four generaTions earlier 7
3 LiT, "To a maTTer of commandmenT"
4 LiT, "The elder"
5 DaughTer of LoT
6 So in Naz 23b
7 From The elder daughTer descended RuTh the ancesTress of Obed (Oved), Jesse (Yishai), David (Dovid) and Solomon (Shlomo) (RuTh 4 21-22), while From The younger descended Naamah The moTher of Rehoboam (Rechavam) (1 Kings 14 31) The FirsT King of Judah (Yehudah)
and Salmon begoT Boaz, and Boaz begoT Obed (Oved), and Obed (Oved) begoT Jesse (Yishai), and Jesse (Yishai) begot David (Dovid)
RuTh 4 21-22
And Rehoboam (Rechavam) slepT with his FaThers and was buried wiTh his FaThers in the ciTy of David (Dovid) and his moTher's name was Naamah The AmmoniTess And Abijam (Aviyom) his son reigned in his sTead
1 Kings 14 31
(The elder daughTer of LoT begoT Moab (Moav) and The younger daughTer of LoT begoT (Ammon))
HorayoTh 11
DaF Yomi

א״ר חייא בר אבין א״ר יהושע בן קרחה לעולם יקדים אדם לדבר מצוה שבשכר לילה אחת שקדמה בכירה לצעירה זכתה וקדמתה ארבע דורות למלכות
רות ד כא-כב
ושלמון הוליד את בעז ובעז הוליד את עובד ועבד הוליד את ישי וישי הוליד את דוד
מלכים א יד לא
וישכב רחבעם עם אבתיו ויקּבר עם אבתיו בעיר דוד ושם אמו נעמה העמנית וימלך אבים בנו תחתיו
הוריות יא
הדף היומי

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