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@FragileLilBeta posted on Wed May 18, 324 days ago

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Interrogation at SHIELD:

My name is Jason Barnes.

You heard me right "Barnes". My brother is-- he was Bucky Barnes. Or he still is---? I don't know.

This may sound crazy. Even to me it does. But I'm from the past. I'm from the war.

So this is how I'm here now. I'll explain everything.

I was preparing to go to the front line. Being younger than Bucky... About 18 years of age. He thought I was too young to go to the front line. I know he was my big brother and he was looking out for me, to protect me. But I had to fight for our country. I had to do what's right.

So that day, early in the morning. He handed me an envelope before I left. To this day, I still remember what's inside. So I left the base. A few miles out we came to a stop. We were caught off guard by the enemies. I alone survived the attack. I never stopped fighting. Even as these People bound by wrists together.


They--They Tortured me. For questions. Anything that could help them win the war. I had to hand over our secret strategy. But I refused. I wasn't going to help them.

They were going to kill me....for once in my life I was scared. I missed my brother. I missed Steve. I miss everyone. They knew I was a fighter. So they beat me black and blue. Until they froze me.

Every 25th December. They would unfreeze me. Let me know what's going on in the world. But I felt different the first time I woke up. I felt the need to kill. They changed me.... For the worse.

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