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@G_FAE_METHIL posted on Mon Jul 18, 242 days ago

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In the event of a "No Deal Brexit" the WM Govt is planning to declare a "State of Emergency"
Remmember a State of Emergency means
Suspension of Democracy, Hence the Withdrawal Act giving Ministers absolute Power
No elections held till that Govt decides to let us have one
In effect a Dictatorship
Police and Armed Forces on the streets to maintain Public Order ( a Police State)
Suspension of Devolved Parliaments. No more Scottish or Welsh Parliaments
The reason why Fluffy Mundell ( Governor General of Scotland ) is forming an army of civil servants under "UK Government in Scotland" to carry out the dictatorship of our MASTERS in WM
Worried about the future of our Scottish NHS, No need. There will not be one
Worried about Free Further Education. No need. There wont be any
Worried about Free Prescriptions No need. Good Health is only for those that can afford it
Only one way to avoid this and to assert the WILL of the SCOTTISH PEOPLE
#scotref #DisolveThe Union before 29/03/19 before it is too late

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