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@GodBrokeMyHeart posted on Wed Oct 18, 142 days ago

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R e v o l v e counter-lap r o o t s r e l a t e d t h r o u g h z o o m i n g i n t o h o l l o w e s c a p e s b y c o n t r a c t i n g g r i d s o f v e i l e d
d e f i n i n g collision holds of saturation. #
R e v o l v e p e n e t r a t i o n a s a n o v e r v i e w o f g o i n g t h r o ug h y o u r cursor.#
T r a n s f u s e p e n e t r at i o n a s a r e f l e c t i o n o f o p e n i n g s w i t h i n p o t e n t i a l c u r s o r r e v o l v i n g b o u n d ar y a l i g n m e n t.#
What Sepresses is what escapes seductive ejection ( alignment ( steps ) resolution ) .#
Balances are ways of influence on time.#
*********** You can’t put together everything in steps.. that’s the problem.. This lattice gate is what decides how light behaves.# ***************
Barriers are isolated & gate energy.
********* M a k e t u n i n g o f h y p e r f e r e n c e t h r o u g h o u t t r a n s f u s e d g a t e w a y s w i t h i n b u f f e r n a v i g a t i o n o f sejective, ejective ( term timing ) , vision calculi impression.. set it as a stage. Revolve seductive representation (leads) to polarity steps to resolution opposition. Servolve imprints in inspiration .. hypertext reflection.# ********
Projection of guidance, gateway resolution; membrane search of step resolution. #
Resolute openings a focusing buffering construction.
Imprint Filter polarisation contraction fitting hyperfiguration. #
Knowledge takes potential energy. $$$$$$$$$$ (niche) Energy takes resolution-filter imprint gates. # $$$$$$$$$$$
Making something transfused is what boundary does.
Transfiguration of boundaries filters gates.#
Alignment gives sequence translations of simplice impression hyper relation serfinition ( resolution-serflecting fitting ) *transfigure gate.#*
You have to occupy.. that is the problem. see?
Hyperpresentation translation gate.. (this is inspiration) Suspension of translated resolution ( this is the journey ).
Alignment opens translations of refined (evolution) * guidance * Resolution of steps perspective marginise the translation that embeds occupation. #
The mediator inducts abstract resolution upon refined containment tuning in alignment of translated suspension.
Meeting attachment contractions of represented refinement contextulised (abstract) light gates of terms.#
Capture traps rules occupation ( posts ) of calculi resolution.
It’s all about how you buffer calculi.
C o n s t r u c t e n t r a p m e n t w i t h n i c h e e n e r g y . see?
R e v o l v e c a l c u l i i n t o s t e p gates.
Stimulus decides analysis.
Complete calculi with niche energy suspension mediated by resolution.
******** Mediate resolution. ********
Expressing mediating occupation.
The sequence reflection of succession.#

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