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@TheZealTeam posted on Mon Jan 19, 98 days ago

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Who Are Team Zeal?

Team Zeal is an organisation founded by streamers Shayne “StylerUK” Reeves and Chris “Dunnstopher” Dunn, We have played games together since CS 1.6 for over 13-14 years. Styler began streaming 3 months ago after taking a long break and Dunnstopher has been running his stream for just over 8 months. After some discussion, we both decided to create a streaming team for one specific reason – SUPPORT. We want to bring support to the lower average viewer’s end of streamers who are in a similar position to ourselves. There are SO many people trying be successful with streaming, so why don’t we band together and support each other in reaching the same goal instead of dragging each other down constantly? Work together instead of against one another!

Team Zeal was formed with the idea that we recruit a team of streamers who we deem to be charismatic, fun, supportive and friendly. Our mission is to locate diamonds in the rough and help them into becoming the best they can with the right support circle around them. We are all about pushing that positive mindset. We vision the logo and name of Team Zeal to represent an escape from real life, the world is a horrible place at times, but we want Team Zeal to be a place where people can escape for a while, chat to friends and have a laugh while playing some games. We hope that anybody with our logo and name on their stream should push this same message.

All streamers have a say in what happens within the team. It’s all a democracy within the team and nothing will be forced or rammed down the necks of streamers. We will leave that to your own viewers. We want people to think of Team Zeal as a “Nice warm cosy house, Log fire burning with a hot chocolate” where you sit down in the streams and just get lost with the streamer, yhat’s what Team Zeal is.

Opportunity’s like this don’t come often, this will be a long term team with its eyes on success. The founders of Team Zeal only have one direction and nothing will get in the way. So I welcome ANYBODY and EVERYBODY to get onboard the Team Zeal train and join us on our journey..... Otherwise you best get out the way.

Best of luck to everybody who applies,

Team Zeal
Positivity, Support, Love

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