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@thehoneypotcs posted on Wed Jan 19, 89 days ago

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@RoyalMailHelp @RoyalMail Following a month of my post going missing, on 23.01.2019 at approximately 9.59am this morning, I phoned Royal Mail Customer Service number to let them know what has been happening and asked them to help put an end to this. I had to wait 25 minutes before finally getting through, I was so disappointed by the representatives response to my complaint, he was robotic, repetitive, arrogant and extremely unhelpful. He would not listen to the facts and then said "I think we are just going round in circles here!" and he hung up on me. This is highly unprofessional. Royal Mail should take complaints of mail going missing very seriously. It is a criminal offence not to deliver mail that is in your possession. This is completely unacceptable. Perhaps now you may relay this message to the Glengal Delivery Office Bexleyheath. Thank you.

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