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No, #Google+ isn't dead. It's just killing off its most annoying feature.

Posted by @Lazysod over a year ago

As stated in this article http://mklnd.com/1D8vpa3 It points out what I have said all this time. #Google+ works but has been mismanaged quite a bit. Why do i use it? Well, i like the mechanics of it. Mainly I can easily choose who and what i share with people. I know #Facebook does that too but not like this, not in the way I like to do it. Some of the most diverse, interesting, talented and beautiful people I know I met through #Googleplus. I love #Googlehangouts and can't understand why more people don't make more use of it as for communicating anywhere not to mention teamwork and productivity it just does so much, and with #Googlephotos backing up all my pivtures - For free! - how can you loose?

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